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Helen Moris headshot

About the Artist

A modern master of figurative art, Helen Moris (1924-2014) was a life-long student of the human form. From her early work as a fashion illustrator to her later pieces in oil, charcoal, and pastels, Moris never tired of challenging herself to convey the universal and timeless in human experience.

Her style progressed from an early “smooth” portraiture firmly rooted in Realism; to a freer, more Impressionistic approach, featuring bold brushstrokes and a lively sense of movement; and finally, to a flatter application of more vibrant color in her later pieces. Unifying them all was the deeply perceptive nature of the artist. Regardless of style or medium, Moris was able to capture the mood of her subjects in a way that brought a remarkably intimate quality to all her work.


A respected professional artist in Manhattan, Moris had a distinctive career. Her paintings have won numerous awards, including a Golden Medal at the National Arts Club in New York, and have been widely exhibited. They currently hang in numerous collections throughout the United States.

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